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TinyEYE services are designed by you, for you.

Whether you are a speech-language pathologist or an occupational therapist looking for greater flexibility and community, or a special education administrator looking for quality, online therapy services that match the unique needs of your schools, TinyEYE has you covered.

Founded in 2005 by a Speech-Language Pathologist with dreams to connect all children with the therapy services they deserve, TinyEYE keeps the children at the heart of every decision we make. We take the time to learn about what matters to you, and build an ideal solution to achieve your goals. 

Because you matter to us.

Find out if TinyEYE is the right fit for you:

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Become Part of a Vibrant Therapy Community

It is important that your career is meaningful and brings you joy.  Some of the main reasons TinyEYE online speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists have told us they love their jobs:

  • Flexibility: TinyEYE therapists have the flexibility of choosing their own schedule. They can work when they want, where they want.
  • Support: Every TinyEYE online speech therapist and online occupational therapist is supported by a community of other service professionals and leaders, to help with everything from getting started through direct therapy ideas and feedback. 
  • Purpose: TinyEYE therapists are part of something bigger than themselves - a mission to ensure every child gets the therapy services they deserve. TinyEYE therapists truly make a difference in the world.


Achieving Student Outcomes Since 2005

TinyEYE’s online speech and occupational therapy services are widely trusted. We provide therapy to thousands of students spanning 20 countries, 6 languages, and 0 out-of-compliance schools. TinyEYE students are excited and engaged, and achieving their IEP goals.


TinyEYE Stories

Sarah E.

TinyEYE Speech-Language Pathologist

Working with TinyEYE has changed my life by allowing me to spend much more time at home with my family! I home school my children and thought I would have to choose between maintaining my career, and educating my children. Now I am able to do both and find the perfect balance!

Gail S.

Speech-Language Pathology eHelper

I value the immediate reports at the end of the day, that can be shared with teachers and parents. [They make it] easy to track the child's progress. The progress reports for report cards are very helpful to the teachers as well.

Lynsey P.

TinyEYE Speech-Language Pathologist

After having children with special needs, medical appointments, therapy schedules and commutes to specialized schools even a part-time job [was] impossible. I figured my career would need to be "all or nothing" for the next 18 years. But TinyEYE's flexible scheduling and positive approach to customer service changed my view on the work from home experience and has allowed me to have the opportunity to change my career while still being able to make my family a priority!

Sandy P.

TinyEYE Parent

I absolutely love my daughter's teachers with TinyEYE. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, they have both increased my daughter's life/language skills 100%. We are so grateful for their expert skills and fantastic results on every level. My daughter wouldn't be where she is today if it wasn't for [her therapists].

Heather G.

TinyEYE Speech-Language Pathologist

I was surprised that I [have been] able to develop such a close rapport with students and faculty over the computer - very much like in traditional therapy. It never seems like we are states, or even countries apart!

Wendi H.

Special Education Director

I was very skeptical at first. I am in my 5th year with TinyEYE and have recommended TinyEYE to other school teachers and parents. I have had such a positive experience with TinyEYE, from our SLP to calling tech support, and my students really enjoy their time at speech.