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 Personal, Live Connection

Similar to traditional on site therapy, online therapy enables your students to visit their therapy room and meet the same therapist every week. During the online sessions, TinyEYE therapists deliver learning experiences that are highly engaging and drive student success. The online activities that are used during therapy are exciting and different from most students day-to-day activities, which increases their level of engagement. As your students go through the therapy process the technology becomes invisible to them; it is like the therapist is sitting in front of them, right in the room and they connect on a personal level - this is the magic of online therapy.

Video: Online Speech Therapy

Efficient and Effective

From a recent ASHA school survey, a typical school-based therapist spends 68% of their work hours providing direct therapy. The rest of their time is spent on planning, reporting and travel. TinyEYE has automated much of the planning and reporting as well as eliminated the travel time which allows our therapists to invest more of their billable hours providing direct therapy, in addition to providing:

  • Customized reports detailing progress after each session
  • Remote IEP and parent-teacher meeting attendance
  • Online backpack activities for students to practice skills between sessions

These little extras result in greater, faster gains for the student driving toward the ultimate goal - graduating them from their speech or occupational therapy program and empowering them to thrive in their daily life activities.

What is the TinyEYE Robot?

TinyEYE is breaking the boundaries of online therapy by mobilizing online Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. These therapists typically provide remote therapy (or teletherapy) on a computer. With the use of telepresent robots, therapists have the power and the mobility move around the room or reach students directly in the classroom.

Robots add another dimension to the services TinyEYE already provides. Therapists can:
  1. Provide consultation services to an entire classroom of students
  2. Engage in the immediate environment of the student
  3. Move around the room, working with items the student is familiar with
  4. Build strong relationships with the student and school staff
  5. Travel between rooms and interact with students throughout the school
  6. Ensure skills are effectively reinforced within the classroom
  7. Easily supervise a group, or assist the classroom teacher with supervision

The possibilities are endless. TinyEYE’s telepresent robot program combines the benefits of online therapy with the ease and flexibility of being there in person.


School Guide

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