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Free Online Therapy Games & Activities

There are thousands of apps and programs that give you access to digital therapy content. While some apps and programs are cost-effective or even free, very few are proven successful and none provide the capability for you to edit content and see your student’s progress.

With the TinyEYE Virtual Backpack, you can provide free online speech therapy homework to your students to work on between sessions. The Virtual Backpack provides a small sample of the activities in TinyEYE’s extensive online platform.

Here are some of the ways therapists have used TinyEYE’s Virtual Backpacks:
  • Practice Program: Easily add games, exercises, messages, and videos to each students’ online Backpack so that they can have fun reviewing their skills. Keep parents and educators in the loop. Bonus: TinyEYE’s software monitors student use of Backpacks, so you’ll know if they did their work.
  • Classroom Centers: Collaborate with the teacher to select Backpack games that support a classroom communication goal. Effective classroom support activities include early literacy, language concepts, and vocabulary.
  • Supervising Assistants: TinyEYE’s games are an efficient way to coach your assistants. Students and assistants, sitting side by side, will use the Backpack to interact with target-specific activities and materials. The games are already made and can be individualized with the click of a button, giving you more time for more students!
  • SMART Board: Schools can log in to their Backpacks using SMART Board technology. Students have a blast with the option to stand, jump, and reach to interact with the games in super size!

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