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Searching for an SLP or OT? You're Not Alone.

There is a shortage of both Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists throughout North America. This results in:
  1. Students and parents frustrated with lack of services
  2. Overworked therapists within the school system
  3. Directors hiring any available applicant, regardless of qualifications and experience
  4. Legal action resulting from a lack of coverage

In many areas, it can be next-to-impossible to find a therapist for your students.

TinyEYE has the Experienced Therapist you've been waiting for.

TinyEYE’s online model allows you to effectively secure Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists that are licensed in your state or province. By tapping into our large pool of qualified online therapists, you can access an experienced therapist who is ideally suited to your program with the assurance of consistent, quality sessions for your students. Our vast team of therapists offers specialized skills to match your student needs. We also provide full bilingual coverage including assessments, direct therapy, and reporting in Spanish, French, Creole, and Dutch. 

We only hire the very best therapist to serve your students. TinyEYE hires less than 3% of all therapists who apply. Our online therapists are thoroughly screened through a three tier interview process. We focus on character, skill and spark as the three pillars of our therapy team. First and foremost, we look for individuals who genuinely care about the children they serve and understand how their own personal character affects the overall outcomes of the therapy process. Secondly, clinical skills and experience of the therapists are measured. And finally we look for spark - the ability to truly engage a child. We want our therapy sessions to be the highlight of each students' day and the individual therapist has the biggest impact on that.

We don't stop there. Your TinyEYE Therapist receives regular, specialized training for continuous growth and improvement. Your online speech and occupational therapy sessions will be regularly audited by our quality assurance team to ensure that we are always providing the best service possible. Progress reports are audited and must be completed within 48 hours of each session so you are never left waiting on reports. With TinyEYE you not only receive an amazing therapist, you gain access to the knowledge and skills of an entire team.

TinyEYE has more than a decade of experience in delivering online therapy and we bring the knowledge gained through these years of experience to you. It is our privilege to serve.

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