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Personal, Live Connection

As with traditional on-site therapy, online therapy enables children to visit a therapy room and meet with the same therapist each week. Through online therapy sessions, TinyEYE therapists deliver learning experiences that are highly engaging and proven to drive success. Therapists create a unique and modern learning environment using online tools that are both exciting and different from a child's regular day-to-day activities. Today’s generation of children were born in the electronic era - technology is their comfort zone! With this in mind, it is no surprise that both children and therapists agree that the technology behind online therapy becomes invisible, allowing the development of personal connections that transcend borders and time zones. THIS is the magic of online therapy.

Video: Online Speech Therapy

Efficient and Effective

In addition to therapy sessions, each child will recieve:

  • Customized reports detailing progress after each session
  • Online backpack activities to practice skills between sessions

These little extras result in greater, faster gains for the child, ultimately driving toward the end goal - graduating from the Speech-Language Pathology or Occupational Therapy Program -with the empowerment to thrive in life's daily activities.

How Do Children Receive Services?

TinyEYE’s student-focused model revolves around the needs of children in schools world-wide - working directly with schools to provide high-quality online Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy Services - regardless of their geographical location. It is TinyEYE's belief that all children should have access to the therapy services they deserve.

Using a custom, award winning therapy platform, children are connected with Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists licensed in their region. TinyEYE employs qualified, experienced online therapists who are ideally suited to the program needs of each child, providing the assurance of consistent, high-quality therapy sessions.

TinyEYE is proud to offer a vast team of therapists who offer specialized skills to match the needs of most children, such as providing full-bilingual coverage that includes assessments, direct therapy, and reporting in Spanish, French, Creole, and Dutch.

We grow smiles, mend spirits, and engage children in their lives.