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Personal, Live Connection

Similar to traditional on site therapy, online therapy enables your child to visit their therapy room and meet the same therapist every week. During the online sessions, TinyEYE therapists deliver learning experiences that are highly engaging and drive student success. The online activities that are used during therapy are exciting and different from most day-to-day activities, which increases their level of engagement. As your child goes through the therapy process the technology becomes invisible; it is like the therapist is sitting in front of him, right in the room. He connects on a personal level - this is the magic of online therapy.

Video: Online Speech Therapy

Efficient and Effective

In addition to therapy sessions, you will recieve:

  • Customized reports detailing progress after each session
  • Online backpack activities to practice skills between sessions

These little extras result in greater, faster gains for your child driving toward the ultimate goal - graduating them from the speech or occupational therapy program and empowerment to thrive in daily life activities.

How Can I Get Online Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy for My Child?

TinyEYE’s student-focused model revolves around the needs of your child. We aren’t just for schools - you can hire a TinyEYE Therapist to connect to your child at home too!

Once you have signed your child up for private therapy services, our team will give you a secure TinyEYE account. This will connect you to all of the software used to provide therapy. On your end, you will require a computer with high-speed internet access, a headset, and a web camera. We will coordinate a therapy schedule that works for you. You will simply need to help your child login for his or her schedules session with one of our experienced therapists. 

We grow smiles, mend spirits, and engage children in their lives.