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Getting Started

All you need to start online Speech or Occupational Therapy at your school is a computer with a webcam, a headset, and a high speed internet connection.
  1. Initial Meeting(s) - A TinyEYE Representative will meet with your Special Education Team regarding the overall therapy goals and special requirements of your schools, and to provide a live demo where you and your team can experience what a session feels like for a student. The result is a plan that supports your overall therapy goals within the limits of your available resources. 
  2. Service Agreement - TinyEYE's service agreement will need to be signed off on by your school jurisdiction. The agreement is non-binding in terms of time. There is no maximum or minimums. Invoices are sent out monthly for the actual amount of time utilized, broken down to the minute.
  3. Student Planning and Scheduling - The TinyEYE Team works with your staff to determine the number of students requiring assessments and intervention. Student information is used to develop individual therapy plans. TinyEYE's start-up team will collaborate with your special education team to create a weekly schedule and plan that supports your goals and resources.
  4. Consent for Therapy - It is important to ensure that appropriate measures are followed regarding consent for the sharing of confidential information. Once your TinyEYE online Speech-Language Pathologist or online Occupational Therapist has been carefully selected for your school, this is also an opportunity to introduce parents to their child's therapist.
  5. Technical Check - The TinyEYE Team coordinates with each school's support staff to ensure that technical requirements are in place and that school staff are able to log in to sessions and access reporting.
  6. Start Therapy - Begin therapy with TinyEYE! After therapy begins, your sessions will be regularly audited by our quality assurance team to ensure that we are always providing the best service possible.

Our commitment to you is our commitment to your students. Every action we take is directed toward improving student outcomes and creating efficient, salable services that make a difference in the lives of each and every one of your therapy students.

School Guide

Download TinyEYE's School Guide to learn how online therapy can can work for your school

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