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Students across North America are NOT receiving the special education services they need.


Every day there are thousands of students who have speech and occupational therapy disorders, left untreated. These crucial services help children develop the skills necessary to communicate, understand, and express themselves. These fundamental skills are necessary to provide the basic foundation of learning which then supports all school subjects and life skills.

Demand for speech and occupational therapists is growing. Schools face the challenge of not being able to find quality therapists to hire due to geographic or socioeconomic barriers. TinyEYE is changing all of that. By introducing online therapy, also known as telepractice, thousands of therapists have been welcomed back to the workforce who were unable to conduct therapy using traditional methods – many being semi-retired or stay-at-home moms.


Therapists who were already working are moving to online therapy to eliminate the time spent on the road travelling between schools to meet with students. This not only decreases school budgets, but also increases the direct therapy time with students. TinyEYE Therapy Services has partnered with Double Robotics to introduce the next generation of telepractice by bringing mobility to the classroom. TinyEYE is preparing students for the future they are going into, rather than the world that we came from.


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