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What are the technical requirements for using TinyEYE?

How much does online therapy cost?

For what age range do you provide therapy?

Does TinyEYE have experience working with large school districts or cooperatives?

How does TinyEYE ensure that we will not have any compliance issues?

Who is an eHelper? What are their responsibilities?

Does TinyEYE follow the Common Core Standards?

What types of disabilities and disorders are TinyEYE services compatible with?

How does TinyEYE keep students engaged in their lessons?

How does TinyEYE communicate with our students’ parents?

Can our TinyEYE therapist attend IEP meetings and parent consultations?

Does TinyEYE take away local therapist jobs?

How does TinyEYE work with small schools?

What checks does TinyEYE have in place to ensure our students are receiving quality service and improving?

Does TinyEYE follow the Montessori philosophy?

What is required from me during the ‘Getting Started’ process?

What confidentiality policies does TinyEYE have in place?

Is TinyEYE FERPA/HIPAA compliant?

How long is a typical TinyEYE session?

Can TinyEYE accommodate group therapy sessions?

Can you do assessments? Which ones?

Do you provide bilingual services?

Can you use our school’s existing reporting system? 

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