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Once upon a time... in 2005 brother and sister Greg Sutton and Marnee Brick were having a conversation. Marnee was a Speech-Language Pathologist with countless hours of driving on her weekly agenda to reach students in all corners of the school district. Greg was a businessman with a mind for technology. Together, they discussed how the current method of providing therapy services was not working.

Marnee was spending hours on the road driving from school to school, when there was often only one student to see at each. Precious special education budget dollars were spent on her travel instead of therapy itself. She would then return home in order to plan and prepare for the next day, often working late into the evening and missing time with her own daughter. She was stressed and overloaded, and it was affecting the quality of her work and her home life - a situation many therapists face.

At the time, online voice and video was available but unreliable. MSN Messenger was the communication tool of choice - Skype was around but wasn't popular. Together, Greg and Marnee built TinyEYE Therapy Services - and a brand new program that provided a clear voice and video feed, along with specialized therapy activities. This allowed therapists to provide online speech therapy and later online occupational therapy.

Every day, TinyEYE software engineers and therapists work to improve online therapy for students to make it more efficient and more effective. As a result, we are constantly at the forefront of online therapy innovation, paving the way to greater results.

Today, video and voice messaging are much more common. Over 75% of children enter school having previous experience using video communication software. Among today’s digital natives, technology is seen as a tool and not an end goal. The technology is invisible to them, allowing them to learn, laugh and grow in the same manner as when the therapist is physically located in the room. TinyEYE’s online therapy platform is preparing students for the future they are going into, rather than the world that we came from.


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