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Every year, schools are wasting precious Special Education dollars on:

  • Windshield Time (paid travel time, mileage and meals, opportunity cost of therapy hours wasted on driving)
  • Inefficient caseload management
  • Reporting programs seldom seen by parents or used by caseload managers
  • The need to repeatedly purchase updated therapy tools and supplies
There is another way. Through TinyEYE's online SLP and OT services, you can:
  • Eliminate Windshield Time: Therapists connect instantly to your students, regardless of geographic location
  • Optimize caseloads: On-site therapy requires that you have enough therapists to cover your caseload. Often, that means hiring excess capacity to manage fluctuations. TinyEYE allows you to pay for only the therapy hours you use and adjust your services based on your changing needs.
  • Streamline planning & reporting: TinyEYE’s system allows therapists to reduce the amount of time spent on planning and reporting, while still customizing each session to the needs of each student. TinyEYE SLPs and OTs spend an average of 85% of billed time in therapy with students in comparison to an average rate of 68% by traditional, on-site therapists.
  • Use state-of-the-art tools & supplies: The TinyEYE platform is constantly being improved and our therapists are regularly learning new therapy techniques. We bring the most innovative and effective therapy methods to you.

Dollars and Sense

At TinyEYE, we understand that students come first. That is why we provide multiple pricing options to make sure you are getting the very best value for your therapy dollar:
  • No recruitment cost
  • Fixed or hourly pricing options
  • Only charged for services used
  • Budget management assistance
  • No setup costs or annual fees

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