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Reviews by TinyEYE Parents


"I think online therapy is a great concept. I was very impressed with the assessment. [My son] felt so special and really made a connection. I almost cried...it is not easy to get him out of his non-talking zone. I absolutely want to continue services.
Rebecca, TinyEYE Parent

“TinyEYE worked very hard -  providing technical support and assigning us with the appropriate therapist to suit [my son's] needs - they worked beautifully with my family. There has been a clear improvement in [my son's] speech...I strongly recommend TinyEYE moving forward."

Patrice, TinyEYE Parent

“My oldest son found traditional speech therapy to be very tiresome. [He] was really movtivated for online speech therapy; each session only takes 20 minutes and he has rapidly progressed. My youngest son now attends therapy sessions twice a week for 20 minutes each time and we see a clear progression.”

A Happy TinyEYE Parent

“TinyEYE made it so I could understand where [my son] is at - [I’ve] never had it broken down like that before. Thanks again for all of your help.”

Sherri, TinyEYE Parent
I finished with my summer student and their mom was very happy with TinyEYE's service. She said she was going to recommend it for future sessions.
Sylvia, TinyEYE Therapist

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